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Welcome! The Granite Network is an group of diverse websites with very distinct interests and objectives. This alliance is effectively the consolidation of the various projects of two marketers – Atanas and Mark. Curious? Simply read on to find out more about each partner site, and do check out our history and bio. 

Solutions4Me is a personal, customised client-focused business operation which is extremely diverse, and includes, amongst other things – website development, graphic design, product sourcing and writing services. Most of these services are for international clients, but a few are focused on the Perth metropolitan area.

SEOForBlogs is an online-based service provider that caters mostly towards businesses and bloggers. This is basically a digital marketing service with a key focus on helping businesses and bloggers achieve greater reach in their online marketing efforts. We specialise in search engine optimisation, backlinking, press releases and video marketing.

The Granite Fitness Blog is a well-renowned and internationally respected health blog. The contents of this blog, as well as the products associated with it has inspired and helped individuals kick-start a successful weight loss journey. This service is provided absolutely FREE of charge as a philanthropic endeavour.

The Granite Fitness Masterclass is a series of three weight-loss books, each of which focuses on a specific, yet essential aspect of successful long-term weight management. A video program is also included in this package. Like the blog, it has also helped countless people lose weight and keep it off.

The Granite Fitness Online Store is a service that reviews and recommends exercise-related equipment and apparel that are useful for people seeking to become healthier and fitter. This no-nonsense online guide will ensure that buyers are able to make an informed decision before buying fitness-related products.

The Granite Fitness Market Extravaganza is a fitness consultancy service based in Perth, Western Australia. The site showcases a variety of fitness bands, which are useful tools for weight loss. All packages come with a user guide to equip the user with knowledge that will steer them towards weight loss success.

Travel Fitness 4 Me is a site that helps travellers have a safe and enjoyable journey by recommending relevant and useful services such as booking of flights, accommodation and insurance, as well as physical and digital products that help keep them healthy, fit and happy while on their trip.

Travel Fitness 4 Me (Australia) is the Australian equivalent of the original site. As such, some of the product links have been modified to suit the Australian market. It’s aims and objectives remain the same – which is to equip Australian travellers with the tools for a good trip.

Ebooks4Me is a digital product site that recommends digital that will help people with their issues, solve their problems, or simply present opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. Each product on this site has been carefully verified so ensure that it has been tried, tested, and proven to be effective.

The Impulse Buy Store is an online shopping platform which introduces people to novel and interesting products that will bring joy and beauty to their everyday life. Showcasing no end of cute and innovative products that will be envy of all, this site is an essential bookmark in everyone trendsetter’s web browser.

Laschwandra’s Web Store is an online shopping site for womens’ apparel, cosmetics and beauty products. Although the products will enhance the glow and showcase the beauty of all women, this site is targeted at, and will be especially useful to women of African or African-American background.

YouTubers’ Reviews is an online product review site that covers most goods, although an emphasis is placed on white goods, electrical goods, exercise equipment, kitchenware and other household goods. This site is especially useful for helping users decide between different options available in the market.

The entire story began with product creator Mark starting a business known as Granite Fitness, which comprised of packages with various permutations of self-authored weight loss e-books and physical products. Atanas came on-board as the marketing manager, who was swift and masterful in targeting the market, running the beta testing, acquiring customers and helping them experience weight loss success. The seeds of the partnership were sowed despite Granite Fitness eventually becoming a free fitness blog as a philanthropic pursuit.

With a newfound understanding that they have a similar mindset, the trial partnership between product creator and marketing manager gradually solidified as they quickly realised that they had complementing strengths in areas that could serve them well in the internet business arena. The drive and ambition of the two men then spawned a series of business ideas, some of which resulted in internet-based business operations while others resulted in other “goodwill” operations.

As the number of operations increased, a solution was required in order to streamline and manage all of the individual services, diverse as they might be. It would make strategic sense for some operations to exist more autonomously with their own website and social media presence. The rest, however, can be consolidated into a network, in line with the philosophy that the services provided in one area has the potential to fulfill the need of other areas. Thus, the network was born.

Atanas is a young and budding entrepreneur who hails from Macedonia. He has tonnes of experience in media and public relations, having had seven years of experience working at the helm of his nation’s premier television broadcast network. His mastery of media relations also extends to the field of online marketing, as he helped set up and manage one of Macedonia’s most visited online entertainment portals. Atanas is rapidly gaining knowledge in various areas of online marketing, with specialties in search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), market targeting and affiliate management. With an insatiable appetite and keen interest in online marketing, his portfolio continues to grow and look more impressive with each passing day. In everyday life, Atanas’ primary role is as a family man – taking care and providing for his wife and young son.

Mark is a well-educated all-rounder from Singapore, although he now resides in Perth, Australia. In addition to having three degrees in the life sciences, he is also a graduate of Peter Sun and Alex Ryan’s import mentorship program, and is therefore well-versed in the areas of product sourcing and online marketing. Following a stint as a product creator with Granite Fitness, Mark has continued to hone his internet marketing skills. He has, over time, developed a high level of competency in a range of web skills including, but not limited to: digital product sourcing, web and sales copywriting, website development and graphic design. He also actively assists with the marketing side of the business. Mark spends his daily life assisting distressed students in a student Guild and being active in various church, trade union, community and social justice scenes.

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